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How do you take care of a body piercing?


1. Always wash your hands before cleaning your piercing. Clean Everyday: Use warm saline solution or specialized piercing cleaning solution (never use alcohol or hydrogen peroxide as they can cause tissue damage).

2. Do not touch with dirty hands: Only touch your piercing when your hands are clean. Unclean hands can infect the piercing.

3. Give it Time: The healing process differs based on the part of the body where the piercing is done. Ears usually take about six weeks to heal while navel piercings can take up to six months.

4. Avoid Irritants: Avoid contact with make-up, perfumed lotions, and other potential irritants in your piercing site.

5. Do NOT turn the Jewelry. Your jewelry moves enough on its own. Moving it more only slows the healing.

6. Most people have little or no problem using the soap that they presently use to cleanse their body.

7. Once finished cleaning, rinse with saline solution, and sprays work best. Once rinsed thoroughly, your piercing needs to be dried. Using a blow dryer on a cool setting will help dry the piercing.