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Classic tattoo styles encompass various traditional and enduring techniques, including:

  1. Traditional or Old School: Characterized by bold, thick black outlines, bright colors, iconic designs like roses, eagles, skulls, lovely ladies, anchors, etc. This style is deeply rooted in American tattoo culture, popularized by artists like Sailor Jerry.
  2. Japanese or Irezumi: An ancient style that typically includes images of waves, dragons, koi fish, cherry blossoms, etc. It involves traditional color schemes and distinctive imagery filled with symbolism and meanings.
  3. Realism: Drawing inspiration from reality and detailed images; realism tattoos can be either colored or grayscale, featuring lifelike representations of objects, people, animals, etc.
  4. Tribal:Tribal tattoo style is an ancient art form that uses thick black lines and geometric patterns to create bold designs. These tattoos often signify a person’s rank or social status within a tribe, their skills, or special achievements. It’s believed to have originated from indigenous tribes around the world such as those in Borneo, The Philippines, Polynesia, New Zealand (Maori), and many others. Over time, it has evolved into a popular modern tattoo style, preferred for its aesthetic appeal more than its symbolism. Nevertheless, some people still choose these designs because of their cultural significance or to pay tribute to their heritage.

We have classic tattoo styles, what are some other popular tattoo styles?


1. American Traditional: Also known as “old school,” this style of tattoo features bold lines and cherry blossoms, sparrows, anchors, skulls, and mermaid motifs.

2. Realism: As the name suggests, this type of tattoo art looks like an actual photograph or a realistic drawing.

3. Geometric: These tattoos feature geometric shapes and patterns. They can be both simple and complex designs.

4. Watercolor: This style mimics the effect of a watercolor painting on the skin.

5. Japanese: Inspired by traditional Japanese art, it includes images of waves, dragons, flowers, and koi fishes.

6. Tribal: This ancient style contains symbols and designs from various cultures around the world.

7. Trash Polka is a very exciting style that is gaining popularity. 1vj8JYhT9LKs7bit5E