Lady Liberty, Freedom Tower and USS New York

Patriotic tattoos are as old as America. What images portray patriotism to you? This tattoo was a lot of fun, but I guess most of my tattoos have an element of fun built in for me, I really enjoy what I do. Time to time I am asked to do a patriotic tattoo with a 911 theme, this was no exception. The existing eagle and flag was itching to be enhanced. The first tattoo I add was the  close up of Lady Liberty, which later we would  have her looking out over New York harbour. Looking through some art of the harbour and artwork depicting the USS New York we were hit by inspiration.
Please Remember Those Who Have Sacrificed For Us To Be Free!

A Memorial For Dad, US Marine

Tattoo artists are often asked to tattoo a Memorial tattoo. Many select names and dates to be remembered, I like to suggest to create a tattoo that reminds you of that person. So that is what we set out to do when we created this one. I say we because the owner of the tattoo needs to be involved. This black and gray tattoo incorporates his fathers passion in life, God, The Marines, Minnesota Viking and Nascar! God Bless our US Marines!


From Disturbed, the cover of their latest album. All the black work done showing off fine details in this tattoo. All those chain links took some concentration. Next step is to engulf the tattoo in flames.

Tattooing at Rose City Tattoo lately has been real busy, not  time enough to post. So sorry. This week I will try  and get some new stuff up. Find me on twitter  @rosecitytattoo