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Learn to Tattoo

Learning to tattoo like any skill, takes time and the right instructions. Tattooing has a long history where a master tattooer takes on an apprentice and then guides them in the skills it takes to become a successful tattooer.

Tiger tattoo
A powerful tiger tattoo on Jim’s back

Before the taboo of tattooing was lifted and tattoos seemed to show up on everyone from biker to lawyers, tattooing was regulated to the darker corners of society. Those cool black panthers and the mystical dragon tattoo would be seen on the cool outsiders, today tattooing is so much more than the days of flash and simple stencil work.

The artwork has certainly changed, along with some changes in equipment, but the skill it takes to do a proper tattoo has not. How well a tattoo is put into the skin is of the upmost importance. No matter how good the art is, if the tattoo work is poor it will fade and not look like the intended artwork.

With over thirty years of professional tattooing experience, Tattoo Connection offers a full apprentice program to learn to tattoo. The State of New Jersey requires 2000 hours to become licensed and many other states do also. Learning how to do a proper tattoo is just one part of becoming a professional tattoo artist. Artwork, drawing, layout and placement can make or break a good tattoo. But all means nothing if conditions and work space is not sanitary.

In our modern 1500 square foot tattoo studio, is professionally outfitted to learn to tattoo. We teach tattooing and piercing in a sterile environment, while helping you gain the experience necessary to gain a professional portfolio and a faithful following.

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