Tattoo cover up revealed! Scandal over.

Tattoo cover up is revealed. Step by step how I covered up the past and created a new tattoo. Maybe you or someone you know has a reminder of their past that they would rather  erase, well if it is tattooed in your skin then the best answer is a tattoo cover up. No matter what the old tattoo is the final results should be something that you would want to have and that it covers up.

 What works and what does not work, as a tattoo cover, is important when considering reworking your tattoo. Not everything will work. Check out the results that your artist has gotten with other cover ups, those result should not be some big black blob. The finished tattoo should look like it belongs on that body part and not awkward.  Think before you ink! And follow

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More Tattoo cover ups

bad tattoo Here is a tattoo that was poorly planned and executed. The owner was not very pleased with the workmanship in tattoo work. So we set up a plan and then changed it at the last minute. Now here you can see the results of the tattoo cover up.After three siting the completed tattoo showed no evidence of the old tattoo.
koi fishKoiHere are two views of the finished Koi. The contrast between the dark black Koi fish with the cool blues in the water really set off this tattoo and to think it started out as something to be covered up.
Black Koi in water
The now finished tattoo of a Koi fish, a traditional Japanese tattoo design. It is key to have the finished tattoo look as if it was designed for the body part. With None of the old tattoo showing through.

Koi cover up

tattoo cover up Old tattoo before the cover up begins. Your tattoo is not really that permanent. I really like doing cover up tattoos. They are always a bit of a challenge and a bit of a mystery not always knowing where the finished tattoo will come from.

Koi tattoo
The finished Koi tattoo completely covering the old panther tattoo.The Japanese Koi tattoo is a great tattoo all on its own, when done as a cover up it is not only effective but also impressive when you see the finished tattoo.

The Big Cover Up

Another successful cover up tattoo. When you look through my blog you will see that I do a lot of cover up tattoo work and a lot of custom tattoo work. Before you allow someone to put ink to your skin please consider who it is that is doing your work. Cover up tattoos are not cheap and not easily done. Think before you ink!Bad TattooOK so you like getting tattooed…please wait and get it done professional tattooist!
Hibiscus Tattoo
Here is the finished tattoo of Hibiscus flowers and a Heart.Stop in and visit us at

Cover up revealed

Tattoo Removal Erasing the past is never easy, but it is possible with the right design. Here I show off a tattoo cover up.
Tattoo Cover up
As you can see the new tattoo taking shape after a completed outline. The next step takes some creative coloring.
Dragon Tattoo
Ah! The finished cover up tattoo, as you can see I tranformed the original tattoo into a mystical dragon flying in the clouds. No more will there be those questions “Who is Ralph?” You really can have a second chancewith your tattoo!

The Tattoo Cover Up Exposed

Here is the before, this tattoo was done just a few months ago at a shop not too far from Rose City Tattoo. What you put in the skin is worth doing right. If you have something that is not up to your expectations, then stop in and let me see what I can do to help it become what you really wanted it to be.

After coming up with a bunch of potential solutions we went with enhancing and adding background and foreground. This is a much more complete idea,and looks a heck of a lot better than the original.

The Art Of The Cover Up

Why not get that name? It can always be covered up.
Here you see the tattoo with the outline complete.
Now the finished tattoo. I think it will be better to go through the rest of your life with a nice looking tattoo that doesn’t look like a cover up. The finished tattoo doesn’t just cover the old tattoo well, it also looks like it was designed and placed where it belongs.