Bald Eagle and American Flag

Bald Eagle and FlagPride in America! What a great choice for a first tattoo,and in just under four hours of tattooing! Hotrods and Harley’s are coming to town this weekend, so come on down and stop in for a visit, I hear Dan has gotten some tshirts, first printing of Rose City Tattoos shirts could be valuable someday!

Aztec Pyramid Tattoo

OK I post a lot of different tattoo that I do some are simple, some have taken month to complete, this one almost didn’t happen at all.  The existing sun god  tattoo was inked a few years ago and the owner wanted to add the calender ring and Aztec pyramid, this was the big problem. How to get the stencil of the art work aligned on the arm. Almost gave up after too many tries to set the art work in place.

The final result look good. This type of image would have been much easier if done all at the same time. So when your planning your tattoo, think the whole thing out as much as you can.  So if you’re looking for quality work stop in at Rose City Tattoo.

Koi cover up

tattoo cover up Old tattoo before the cover up begins. Your tattoo is not really that permanent. I really like doing cover up tattoos. They are always a bit of a challenge and a bit of a mystery not always knowing where the finished tattoo will come from.

Koi tattoo
The finished Koi tattoo completely covering the old panther tattoo.The Japanese Koi tattoo is a great tattoo all on its own, when done as a cover up it is not only effective but also impressive when you see the finished tattoo.

American Bald Eagle With Flag

This tattoo was done on the inside of the upper arm, a very good placement for a color tattoo. Showing off your patriotism is always a good subject for a tattoo. Not like some would say that paying more taxes is the new patriotism, LOL. Remember that now is tattoo season, no longer do you have to worry about your new tattoo being exposed to the sun and the beach. A new tattoo will heal better this time of year.

Winged Heart and Rose Tattoo

winged heart tattoo

Angel wings caressing a heart and rose to remember a loved one. Hopefully we all have Angels looking over our loved ones and ourselves, at least I like to believe it to be true.
This tattoo is an original that I drew up. If you are looking online for tattoos and find something you like, customize it so it really becomes yours and not just a copy of someone’s tattoo. Stop in at Rose City Tattoo and get your own custom tattoo.