Tattoo cover up revealed! Scandal over.

Tattoo cover up is revealed. Step by step how I covered up the past and created a new tattoo. Maybe you or someone you know has a reminder of their past that they would rather  erase, well if it is tattooed in your skin then the best answer is a tattoo cover up. No matter what the old tattoo is the final results should be something that you would want to have and that it covers up.

 What works and what does not work, as a tattoo cover, is important when considering reworking your tattoo. Not everything will work. Check out the results that your artist has gotten with other cover ups, those result should not be some big black blob. The finished tattoo should look like it belongs on that body part and not awkward.  Think before you ink! And follow

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Tattoos Mistakes, Think before you ink!

 Sorry to disappoint Mike, but your name won’t be there forever like you may have thought. Tattoo that seemed like a great idea at the moment may need some rethinking in the future and a cover up may be the only solution. Think before you ink!
 With some creativity and vision a design is thought up and sketched and soon the old tattoo is transformed. 

The finished cover up tattoo. Now flowers definitely look better than some large tag. Think before you ink!

Classic American Eagle Tattoo

American eagles are great tattoo themes. This small tattoo of a soaring eagle was poorly thoughtout and done. Thinking out what the finished tattoo will look like and age on your body is something important to consider. Working with a good tattooist a plan should be drawn up and then tattooed.
So with a plan of covering up the smaller tattoo with a freshly styled patriotic eagle tattoo. Going with an old school style with bold lines and solid colors this design covered the old tattoo.
The finished eagle tattoo has a whole different atitude. Proud American!

The Art of Cover up Tattoos

So it seemed like a good idea at the time, but no matter what you tattoo on your skin you can always have it altered or covered up. Recently I covered up some names and some old tattoos that have out lived their glitter.

The after tattoo is complete and there is no sign of the old tattoo. Flowers on the lower back is a much better tattoo designs. So think before you ink. A well placed tattoo can be changed in the future when it has out lived its charm.