Bald Eagle and American Flag

Bald Eagle and FlagPride in America! What a great choice for a first tattoo,and in just under four hours of tattooing! Hotrods and Harley’s are coming to town this weekend, so come on down and stop in for a visit, I hear Dan has gotten some tshirts, first printing of Rose City Tattoos shirts could be valuable someday!

American Bald Eagle With Flag

This tattoo was done on the inside of the upper arm, a very good placement for a color tattoo. Showing off your patriotism is always a good subject for a tattoo. Not like some would say that paying more taxes is the new patriotism, LOL. Remember that now is tattoo season, no longer do you have to worry about your new tattoo being exposed to the sun and the beach. A new tattoo will heal better this time of year.

American Spirit

Bald Eagle and Flag
Freehand American Flag Tattoo
Rose City Tattoo has been getting busy, we have had a lot of walk in customers. With customers coming back from the former Tattoo Connection, it looks like the place is going to be a big hit. We are taking appointment and doing walk in work during the week. So stop in or call.